What Is Coaching All About Anyway...

What Is It?

Think of a “personal trainer” for your life, career and relationships.  A mix between your favourite coach as a kid, the best training workshop you've been too, your biggest fan, accountability partner, motivator, second brain, guide, and person who can ask the right questions to get you where you want to go. 

Who Is For?

Are you thinking these things...
 I am sure if I love my life and what I do.
Are you thinking of changing careers? 
Are you looking to do something different but not sure exactly what? 
Want to find your passion and live with purpose in your everyday job? 
Have an idea but not sure if your ready to go after your own business? 
Have a good career but thinking of going back to school to do something your passionate but financial strain is holding you back? 
Afraid you will wake up one day and realize your are doing is the wrong thing? 

Answer YES then... 
Coaching is for YOU!

Why You?

Simple.  I see your dreams, potential and purpose.  With a Leadership and communication degree, multiple coaching certification and 12+ years of counseling behind me we will work together to get you, your team and company propelled forward. 

"Every great leader has someone behind them that has helped them set goals, stay accountable and believed in them more than they believed in themselves."